#boardsacrossboarders - Mini Ramp Donation at Siempe Para Los Niños -

The mini ramp is in, the kids are stoked, and we're so forever grateful to everyone who donated their time and helped fund the construction of the mini ramp donation for the children at Siempe Para Los Niños

Volunteers gather for a group photo with the children, Pastor, and Director OLIO began fundraising for the mini ramp donation in June, 2018 and was in the process of finding the right orphanage to donate it to. OLIO visited Siempe Para Los Niños for their first time with Unity4Orphans in early November and immediately knew that they were the right choice. Their pastor and director were too kind and all of the children were so polite and so much fun to be around. We loved to see how they all took care each other and looked after one-another. They were one huge happy family. We immediately felt welcomed and offered to have the mini ramp donated the following month. On December 8, 2018, OLIO and volunteers traveled down south to an orphanage called, Siempe Para Los Niños located in Tijuana, Mexico. Sitting on top of a hill over-looking the Coronado Islands, approximately 40 young children live and attend school in their bright and cheerful turquoise-painted home. 

Mel (OLIO Co-Creator) and her special helper, Victor

OLIO was fortunate to have 7 volunteers join them to build the skate ramp. The guys at Keen Ramps donated their time and supplies to help direct the construction. Keen Ramps specializes in building skate ramps. Cory Keen with Keen Ramps was such a huge help, especially since not one of us have ever built a skate ramp before. He brought down donated materials from Skatelite and had everything perfectly organized and ready to easily assemble, all which was completed in under a short 3 hours! 

It was amazing to see the surprised and excited faces of the children as they arrived back home, returning from a festival down the road. They immediately grabbed all of the helmets, pads, and skateboards that were kindly donated from the community and instantly jumped onto the new ramp. None of them have ever skated before so they began sitting on their boards and slid down the ramp. We saw a few brave souls who fearlessly tried to drop in a couple of times. Some falls, lots of smiles, and lots of joy. 

Our next mission - We are in the mix of planning our next trip down there where we plan to bring down art supplies for the kids to customize their new skate ramp. We are also planning on organizing a bigger board drive to provide each child with a bike/scooter/skateboard of their own. Most importantly, we are trying to organize a few English/Spanish speaking skaters who can help lead lessons for the children so they can improve and learn how to safely and properly use the ramp!

Once again, we can't thank you all enough for your continuous and generous support of #boardsacrossborders, OLIO, and your donations at our board drives. 

If you wish to get involved with volunteering or have any skateboarding supplies that you wish to donate, send us an email at info@olioartistry.com or follow us on Instagram @olioartistry

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